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We have created this web site as a record for our family history and as register for our relatives around the world. We will keep record of all our family members and those who marry into our family. If you are member of our family and have not been added to this database please contact us by selecting Contact Us tab on the top of the web pages. If you want to suggest corrections, add more family members, upload family pictures then please contact us.

The title of our family is 'Shaikh' which identifies our Arab heritage. The 'Siddiqui' indicates our family history through Hadrat (Saint) Abu Bakr Siddiq friend and confidant of Prophet Mohammad and the first Khalifa of Islam. According to our family traditions, our ancestors moved from Makkah to Baghdad in Iraq, then to Kabul in Afghanistan, and finally to Bareilly near the Himalayas mountains close to Nepal border in South Asia. According to our family history, our ancestors arrived in South Asia during the reign of Sultan (King) Mohammad Ghauri, and later settled in Bareilly during the reign of Mughal Emperor Mohammad Aurangzeb Alamgir. Nearly all members of our family resided in Bareilly until 1947, when they were forced flee to Pakistan due to massacres of Muslims by the Hindu and Sikh fanatics. Most of our family members settled in Karachi. Now our family members are scattered around the world and are beginning to lose contact with our ever growing family members. So we took upon ourselves to create this web site and make it as family register to keep names and album for photos of all our family members.

This web site is currently being designed and web pages of the family member are being added. We plan to finish adding all family members then we plan to add multimedia content i.e. streaming audio and video. Please continue to revisit the web site as new information is being added nearly every day. All dead links, misdirected links, grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, missing information, and suggestions should be emailed to us.

The Family Trees can be accessed by choosing Family Tree on the top index of each page. It can also be accessed by clicking icon. This icon is placed in the web pages beside the name heading. This icon is also placed in the Family Tree for ancestor or descendent Family Tree. The web page of individual family members can be accessed by clicking their names in the Family Tree. If this icon is before the name then it will display ancestor Family Trees and if it after the name then it will display descendent Family Trees. You can traverse the Family Trees in both directions.

The Search can be used to search this web site for information about your family. You can enter your search criteria to find pages in this web site that have the information that you are searching. For example, search for 'Mohammad' will bring list of web pages in this site that contain that name.

The Web Site Index page contains the index of all pages in this web site. The Links page contains links to our family's other websites, blogs and important links.

We have representatives of our family in Pakistan, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, United States, and Canada and the closest to your location will help confirm your relationship to our family and add your information to our database.

We have also started DNA testing of our family members, The family members are encouraged to test their maternal mtDNA and paternal Y-DNA  at Family Tree DNA.

We have created Arabic, Bosnian, Chinese, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish (Suomi), French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Persian (Farsi), Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and Urdu versions of the information pages of this web site. We have many Urdu documents about our family that will be uploaded to this web site in the near future.






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