Irshad Hussain


Irshad Hussain was one of the sons of Imdad Hussain and Akbari Khanum. He was born in May-1897 in Bareilly. He married Asghari Begum on 14-July-1918. He died on 5-January-1958 in Karachi.

The following are the names of her sons :

Son : Shahid Hussain
Son : Zahid Hussain


Father : Imdad Hussain
Mother : Akbari Khanum
Sister : Anwari Begum
Sister : Sarwari Begum
Sister : Akhtari Begum
Brother : Iqbal Hussain
Brother : Bunyad Hussain
Brother : Shamshad Hussain
Brother : Ashfaq Hussain
Brother : Mushtaq Hussain
Sister : Mushtari Begum
Brother : Mukhtar Hussain
Sister : Afsari Begum
Brother : Izhar Hussain
Sister : Amjadi Begum
Wife : Asghari Begum
Son : Raghib Hussain
Son : Shafqat Hussain