Durdana Roohi


Durdana Roohi is one of the daughters of Anwar Ahmad Siddiqui and Akhtar Jahan. She was born on 2-October-1964. She married Anwar Alam on 21-August-1985. They have two children. She lives in Karachi with her family.

The following are the names of her children :

Daughter : Warishah Alam
Son : Shahrukh Alam

Relatives :

Father : Anwar Ahmad Siddiqui
Mother : Akhtar Jahan
Sister : Shaheen Rizwana
Sister : Yasmeen Farzana
Sister : Talat Rukhsana
Brother : Tariq Nadeem Siddiqui
Brother : Rashid Anwar Siddiqui
Husband : Anwar Alam
Daughter : Warisha Alam
Son : Shahrukh Alam