Laeeqa Khatoon


Laeeqa Khatoon was one of the daughters of Shaikh Nabi Jan and Saddo Begum. She was born in Bareilly. She was married to Shaikh Mohammad Shafi. She died few months after the birth of her only child in 1926.

The following is the name of her son :

Son : Sultan Ahmad Siddiqui

Relatives :

Father: Shaikh Nabi Jan
Mother : Saddo Begum
Brother : Maqbool Nabi
Brother : Ahmad Nabi
Sister : Siddiqa Khatoon
Sister : Bilqees Khatoon
Sister : Rafiqa Khatoon
Brother : Sarfaraz Nabi
Brother : Shamshad Nabi
Brother : Sajjad Nabi
Sister : Zohra Khatoon
Sister : Zubaida Khatoon
Brother : Irshad Nabi
Sister : Shakeela Khatoon
Sister : Aqeela Khatoon
Brother : Iftikhar Nabi
Brother : Mukhtar Nabi
Sister : Fahmeeda Khatoon
Husband : Shaikh Mohammad Shafi
Son : Sultan Ahmad Siddiqui