Faryal Mansur Mirza


Faryal Mansur Mirza is one of the daughters of Nusrat Siddiqui and Mansur Uddin Mirza. She was born in Mirpurkhas. She married Zubair Mirza. They have one daughter.

The following are the names of her children :

Daughter : Sabreen Zubair Mirza

Relatives :

Father : Mansur Uddin Mirza
Mother : Nusrat Siddiqui
Brother : Misbah Mansur Mirza
Sister : Sadia Mansur Mirza
Sister : Kiran Mansur Mirza
Brother : Saqib Mansur Mirza
Sister : Hirra Mansur Mirza
Sister : Anchal Mansur Mirza
Husband : Zubair Mirza
Daughter : Sabreen Zubair Mirza